Plastic Honey Containers

Show off your hive’s hard work with easy-to-ship clear plastic honey bottles, jars, and honey containers from Mann Lake.

We offer a variety of bottle shapes and designs to allow beekeepers to showcase their honey to customers in an aesthetic way.

Choose from our selection of plastic honey jars—the classic squeeze bear bottle, bee squeeze bottles, wide-mouth plastic jars, and even closed-top jugs. No matter the design or bottle shape you choose, your honey will be sparkling with that gorgeous golden hue on your shelves.

Some of our plastic containers contain lids or screw caps, while others are sold separately, so be sure to check the description when making your selection.

Benefits of Plastic Jars

Plastic is much more durable and safer to ship, travel, or transport, and squeezable plastic is ideal for use in restaurants, coffee shops, farm stands, or at home. Your homegrown honey will look amazing in our clear jars. Plastic typically has a streak-free finish, which will impress customers and buyers of bulk honey.

Bulk Honey Containers

If you need to transport or sell honey in bulk, we’ve got you covered. A few of our bulk containers include a 1-gallon plastic jug, 5-gallon pail, 30 and 60-pound jugs, creamed honey tubs, and handy pour jugs.