Electric Fencing

We offer the ideal poultry netting and supplies for you thanks to four generations of experience! We have aviary supplies, electric poultry fencing, pest control traps, predator control, and other products.

With the help of our netting supplies and tools, you can ensure a safe flock. Look through our assortment of netting for game birds, chickens, and aviaries to discover the right fit for your needs.

Benefits of Electric Fencing

Protecting your chicken coop with electric fences has never been more effective! With our electric fence netting and supplies, you can keep all your birds where they belong, keep out pests and creatures, and set them up quickly and efficiently.

Calculating Your Electric Fence Length

The optimal length of your electric fence depends on your property size and the animals you aim to protect or deter. For small animals or baby chicks, ensure your electric fence includes adequate vertical strings to prevent escape or intrusion.

The capacity of your fence energizer must be compatible with the length of your fence for effective operation. Consider the layout of your property and any existing barriers, as electric fences can complement other fences for enhanced security.

A precise measurement of the area and an understanding of the ground rod placement will guide you to the right length, ensuring your electric fence meets your specific needs.

Set Up Electric Poultry Netting Anywhere

Once you know where you want your permanent fencing line, setup is simple. Our lightweight electric netting options make it easy to move around, rotate your birds, and adjust as necessary. Ideal for a farm or backyard, our fencing is durable, all-weather, and made to last.