Goat Supplies

Raising goats? Explore Mann Lake’s assortment of goat supplies, from feeders and troughs to vitamins, hoof trimmers, and many other supplies. We’ve got everything you need to raise happy, healthy goats! 

Must-Have Goat Supplies from Mann Lake

Whether you’ve been raising goats for years or just getting started, you’ll need a few goat supplies on hand at any given time. 

Feeding Supplies

Most goats eat twice a day, up to 4 pounds of hay per day. Your goat supplies should include a slow-feeding hay bag so they can graze as they please. You’ll also need an automatic waterer or trough so your animals can drink fresh water during the day. 

General Wellness

Goats require supplemental vitamins and minerals to stay strong and healthy. These vitamins help to support appetite, digestion, and immunity. We carry an assortment of vitamins and medications that your goats may need during kidding or if they get sick at some point. 

Maintenance Supplies

Goats require a fair amount of maintenance, including castration for your males, ear tagging, hoof trimming, and more. Browse our maintenance goat supplies to be sure you have everything you need for all these tasks.