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Beekeeping Hive Bodies & Supers

Our Langstroth hives are simple solutions to growing your beehive in an efficient and condensed way. With the help of our assembled brood beekeeping kits and super beehive kits, you can effortlessly build a full and healthy colony. You can also add our kits as a second story to expand your bee colony. Our kits include various essential tools, such as the frame hive body and assembled frames, as well as many other premium hive parts. Discover how our Assembled Brood Kits and Super Kits can enhance your beekeeping process and make it simple for you to find the perfect addition to your beekeeping equipment collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Select - This grade is made of select lumber that has the least amount of imperfections allowed. This grade allows small tight knots on the outside of the box and small imperfections on the inside. No knots in the fingers, rabbets or hand holds are allowed.

Commercial - This is the most common grade requested by our customers and what is used in all of our kits. This grade is functionally sound with an allowance for tight solid knots, small pitch pockets and small tight cracks. Imperfections that interfere with the structure and functionality of the box are not accepted.

Budget - These boxes are highly functional while allowing for multiple solid or loose knots, pitch pockets, cracks and knots in the fingers or rabbets. Imperfections that interfere with the structure or functionality of the box are not acceptable.

First, we suggest you take a class or find yourself a mentor who is willing to work with you. Knowledge is power and the more you know the more successful you will be. You will then need to order your bees and purchase your equipment. Findbeekeeping groups located across the US. These local and regional groups often have monthly meetings that are full of good information and beekeepers with experience.

To get started, you'll need a hive tool, smoker, protective clothing, hive (we recommend our Traditional Growing Apiary Kit), feeder, liquid feed (like Pro-Sweet), a pollen substitute (Ultra Bee or Bee Pro), and of course, bees!