Egg Cleaning Supplies

Whether collecting eggs for your homestead or selling them at a market or in a store, properly cleaning the eggs before handling them is critical to preventing any foodborne illness. Mann Lake has everything you need to keep your eggs clean and safe for consumption.

Egg Maintenance and Cleaning

Cleaning every egg is important to prevent the spread of salmonella through contaminated egg shells. Clean eggs with room-temperature water and unscented mild soap. Our Enzyme Egg Wipes can be used on a dozen eggs to avoid egg cracks or damage. We also carry natural egg cleaner and egg wash that will get your eggs sparkling clean and ready for consumption.

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to clean every individual egg from your chickens, we highly recommend looking into our complete egg washing set, which includes a 5-gallon bucket, wire basket, egg brush, and air pump so you can efficiently clean 4 to 6 dozen chicken eggs at once. It will save you time and money at a highly affordable price tag.

Shopping Online with Mann Lake

Mann Lakes also offers egg cartons, egg baskets, egg laying and selling supplies, and more for your egg-related needs. Whether your customers eat the egg yolk, the egg whites, or the entire egg, clean, healthy eggs without residue or stains are the most appetizing.