Assembled Beehive Kits

Browse from Mann Lake’s selection of assembled hive body and hive kit products so you can be fully prepared for the start of your new colony. We have a traditional apiary kit and super and deep hive kits.

Discover how our assembled brood and super kits can enhance your beekeeping and make it simple to find the perfect addition to your equipment.

Assembled Brood and Super Kits

Our assembled brood kit and super kits are simple solutions to growing your beehive in an efficient and condensed way. With the help of our assembled brood beekeeping kits and super beehive kits, you can effortlessly build a full and healthy colony. You can also add our kits as a second story to expand your bee colony.

Components of a Fully Assembled Hive

Our kits include various essential tools such as the frame hive body and assembled frames as well as many other premium hive parts. Many of our assembled hive products include all the supplies you need to create a healthy productive hive for your bees.

Build a Healthy Colony with a Mann Lake Hive Kit

When preparing for your bees, we highly recommend completing your assembled hive body prior to the arrival of your colony. This allows you to have the plastic foundation, frames, and bottom board installed and the wood frames ready to go.