Frames for Hives

When it comes to finding the perfect beekeeping frames, components, and supplies for your beehive, Mann Lake offers high-quality and durable products trusted by many within the beekeeping community. Frames offer an easy to remove structural support that bees use for honeycomb, as well as to lay eggs and store food.

Finding the Right Bee Frames for Hives

The beehive frames and bee hive stand we offer proves strong, versatile, and built to last through various weather conditions. Our bee hive frame inventory includes the following:

  • Assembled frames
  • Unassembled frames
  • Plastic frames
  • Deep frames
  • Frame supplies

Each frame provides many different benefits and features depending on your current beehive situation.

Hive Framing Accessories

Whether you require new hive frames or simply need new frame wire, support pins, or assembly aids, we have a large selection to choose from. Explore our bee hive frame collection to find the perfect solution for your hive needs.

Do Bee Frames Need Wax?

Beekeepers cover some plastic frames and foundations with bee wax because adding extra wax significantly increases their acceptance by honey bees. Bees appear to pull out this frame more easily, and that's particularly essential to the establishment of colonies in the newly established foundations.

For more information about our bee frames, call us at 1 (800) 880-7694. Shop at Mann Lake Bee & Ag Supply and enjoy free shipping for most orders above $150!

Frequently Asked Questions

The groove or wedge in the frame refers to the top bar. A grooved top bar has a groove for inserting your foundation. It is generally used with plastic foundation such as Rite-Cell®. Wedge top frames look similar, however, they have a piece of wood next to the groove that you would break off to install your pure beeswax foundation. The wedge piece is removed and your wax foundation is put in place. The wedge is then re-inserted and nailed in place. The purpose of the wedge is to give support to your wax foundation. Wax foundation will also need support from wire, support pins, or both. If you are using wired foundation with hook, the hook is placed so it goes around the wedge piece like a hanger on a rod.

Hive Body 44 - 7D nails
Super 27 - 7D nails
Frame (Groove Top) 4 - 1 ¼" nails
4 - ¾" nails
Frame (Wedge) 4 - 1 ¼" nails
4 - ¾" nails
2 - ⅝" nails