Hive Covers & Bottom Boards

Hive Covers

Our bee hive inner covers come in various sizes, styles, and they have innovative features to simplify the beekeeping process. We understand the importance of using a high-quality hive inner cover; that’s why we offer 10 frame or 8 frame sizes and many different options to choose from. From Insulation for Wintering Covers to Screened Inner Covers, we provide many different solutions. We also have many inner cover accessories available, which includes Inner Cover Pads and Professional Bee Escape Inserts. When it comes to caring for your bees and beehive, you can trust our reliable bee hive inner covers will keep your bees secure, so you can efficiently run your beekeeping operation.

Bottom Boards

When it comes to building your own beehive, we know how difficult it can become to find quality components and a solid foundation. We offer an extensive bee hive bottom boards selection for this reason. They come in two versatile frame sizes: 10 frames and 8 frames. Hive bottoms provide an essential part to every beehive, and you need them for a solid foundation to ensure your hive will last. Whether you require screened bottom boards, boards with a trap drawer, or even painted bottom boards, we have the perfect bee hive stands for your beehive. At Mann Lake LTD, we have the essential tools and beehive accessories to effectively care for your bees. Discover durable and reliable bee hive bottom boards with us.