Beehive Bottom Boards

Bottom boards are a fundamental component of beekeeping, providing a secure, level surface for hives while safeguarding bees from external factors. Mann Lake delivers a diverse array of hive boards to accommodate the unique requirements of every beekeeper.

Explore Various Types of Hive Bottom Boards

Browse our diverse selection of hive bottom boards designed to suit a range of beekeeping needs:

These are just a few of the beehive bottom boards we offer, with options tailored to seamlessly fit your hive and enhance your beekeeping experience. Find the perfect product for your unique needs and setup.

Find the Right Bottom Board for Your Hive

Mann Lake is dedicated to delivering exceptional bottom boards to support beekeepers and hobbyists alike! Explore our website to find the perfect solutions for your bee colonies.

Enjoy free shipping on most orders over $150 and discover our diverse range of screened and solid bottom boards. For any questions, reach out to us at 1 (800) 880-7694 — our team is always eager to assist.