Nucs & Accessories

Nuc Box and Accessories

At Mann Lake, our bee nuc (or nucleus colony) boxes come in multiple styles and forms, designed to make beekeeping enjoyable and efficient for everyone. Some of the ways our nucs can be used include creating starter hives, raising worker bees and queen bees, bait boxes to capture swarms, and mating nucs for queens, overall improving production and quality of honey.

Why Get Nucs?

Our double mating nuc boxes are perfect for those queen breeders looking to start a bee hive or expand their current one. Our white wax nucs are perfect for those looking to build up weak colonies. And our unassembled nucs are great for those who want a little more control over the construction of their box. Whichever box style you choose, you can be sure our honey bee nucs will make your beekeeping experience more enjoyable and efficient.

At Mann Lake, we sell our supplies in plastic, cardboard, and wood because we know that different beekeepers have personal preferences. Our nucs provide a sturdy and durable foundation with a solid bottom board. They're also the most reliable solution for all your beekeeping and bee-raising needs. So if you're looking for a nucleus box that will last, look no further than Mann Lake.

Shop Mann Lake for All Things Bees

We understand that it takes more than just a nuc box for raising healthy and happy bees. That's why we also offer beekeeping nuc accessories, such as feeder liners, mesh metal nuc screens, steel entrance discs, cap plugs, telescoping liners, frames, and other nuc accessories, to help you care for your bees and their hive. Our high-quality bee nucs are the ideal way to raise queen bees and provide a harmonious environment for your colony. 

With everything you need for your hive in one place, Mann Lake is your one-stop shop for all your beekeeping needs, whether you’re just getting started with your first colony or are a seasoned beekeeper with multiple colonies. Have questions, get in touch with our team today!