Wooden Nucs & Components

Wooden Nuc Box and Components

Nucs, or nucleus colonies, are smaller honey bee colonies that already contain an established laying queen bee. 

The nuc box is designed as a mini mating nuc during rearing when the queen bee is laying brood and requires a warmer temperature. It can also strengthen weak colonies and help with catching swarms. 

Benefits of a Wooden Nuc Box

Honey bees are known for their love and acceptance of wooden structures, thus making a wood box or beehive an easy decision. A wooden nuc box is designed to hold fewer frames for the bees, typically between three and five, making it easier for your colony to control the temperature, which is important for their brood.

Many 5-frame boxes have a built-in detail on the lid of the frames for hive top feeding, keeping beekeepers efficient when working in the bee yard.

Nuc Boxes from Mann Lake

We supply both assembled and unassembled options for beekeepers. In addition to the 5-frame nuc box, we carry various components that you’ll need to assemble and install your frames and keep your bees happy. 

These include a nuc bottom board used for splitting, migratory and inner covers, unassembled growing boxes in various sizes, and much more.