Plastic Nuc Boxes

Enjoy the quality and durability of a plastic nuc box with a locked lid to ensure the safety and longevity of your colony. 

Benefits of a Plastic Nuc Box

Nucs, or nucleus colonies, are smaller honey bee colonies already centered on a queen bee. 

The nuc box is designed to be transportable and easy to handle.It can also strengthen weak colonies and help with catching swarms. 

The box made of corrugated plastic is highly reusable and easily ventilated during travel. The frame rest is within the lid to prevent the bees from being crushed by the frames when shipped in the nuc box. 

Types of Nuc Boxes at Mann Lake

We carry the Pro Nuc Box with five frames, a mini mating nuc box for queen rearing, and the EZ nuc box for transferring and splitting colonies. Our nuc boxes contain closable entrances, multiple feeding ports, frame rests, and drain holes to release any moisture. The Pro Nuc Box requires no assembly and is made from durable, recyclable polypropylene material. 

No matter what you require a nuc box for, Mann Lake has the products you need to successfully grow your colony and maintain happy, healthy, and productive bees.