Queen Excluders

Mann Lake is the ideal partner for seasoned and beginner beekeepers looking to enhance honey production and harvesting during peak nectar flow seasons. Our high-quality queen excluder, placed between the hive’s brood boxes and honey supers, allows worker bees to access the honey storage while preventing the queen from entering. This ensures no contamination from eggs and maintains the cleanliness of your honey harvest for a more convenient and enjoyable beekeeping experience.

Elevate Your Beekeeping Strategy

Enhance your hive management with our queen excluder, designed to effectively prevent the queen from reaching the honey supers.

  • Wood Bound Queen Metal Excluder. A robust, fully plated queen excluder featuring computer-controlled welds and wood edge allowing adequate bee spacing.
  • Plastic Excluder. A cost-effective alternative to metal excluders, offering increased resistance to UV damage.
  • Queen Excluder. Available in 8 and 10-frame sizes, crafted with low carbon steel and featuring wires crimped into the frame for exceptional durability.
  • Metal Queen Excluder Cleaner. A heavy-duty cleaning solution specifically designed for metal or wood-bound queen excluders.
  • Entrance Guard with Excluder. Easily secured with a pin or beehive strap, this guard keeps the queen bee from leaving the brood nest area.

Ensure Beekeeping Success at Mann Lake

Explore our plastic queen excluder and more for higher-quality honey production and effective hive management. Prevent queen egg-laying in the honey super, reduce swarming risk, and control hive size with ease. Choose the right size, and enjoy seamless honey harvesting with our durable, long-lasting solution.