Live Nucs

Live Bee Nucs from Mann Lake

Shop for healthy bees for the upcoming season by purchasing a live bee nuc from Mann Lake. Whether you’re starting your first hive or replacing bees lost from previous seasons, buying package bees is an efficient and affordable way to supplement your beehive and ensure it is thriving.

Do I Need a Nuc for My Colony?

Buying a nuc is an easy way to expedite the growth of your colony because they are already further developed compared to traditional package bees.

Each nuc contains live bees, a laying queen bee, eggs, larvae, deep frames, and a feeder. Whether you’re trying to increase honey production or rear queens, a nuc will help you get there.

At Mann Lake, we carry Italian and Russian nucs and VSH nucs. All of our live nucs come with the queen already introduced.

Shopping Package Bees and Beekeeping Supplies

Many of our package bee nucs are available for preorder and pick-up only. Shop all things bee from Mann Lake to get your business or hobby started!