Queen Rearing

Queen Rearing Equipment

The queen bee is the breeding bee—it lays eggs and ensures the hive’s survival. Queen raising helps beekeepers maintain a healthy and productive hive.

At Mann Lake, we have a wide range of equipment for rearing queens and to keep your cell building colony productive in the brood nest or nuc boxes.

Maximize Your Queen Rearing Success with Our Specialized Equipment

Ensuring the success of your honey bee colony requires the right equipment tailored to support the process of rearing queen honey bees. We offer a variety of products that cater to different aspects of raising queens and breeding bees, making it a seamless experience for beekeepers.

  • Plastic Queen Catcher. This spring-loaded catcher allows beekeepers to catch their hives’ queen bees safely.
  • Queen Bee Markers. These make identifying the raising queen from other bees easy and conveniently color code them based on their age.
  • One-Handed Queen catcher. The one-handed design lets you conveniently pick up the queen from the mating nucs for marking.
  • TempQueen. This is used in queen mating nuclei in early spring to maintain significantly higher bee numbers than in non-treated nucs.
  • Filled Candy Tube - This allows a timed release of your queens. Available in 10 or 100 packs.
  • Small Riteway Western & Eastern Queen Shipper - Holds 56 Eastern queen cages - Designed for use with wooden cages, this versatile shipper securely holds either 56 Eastern queen cages or 88 Western queen cages.

Explore our range of queen rearing equipment to find the perfect tools that will enhance productivity and ensure the well-being of your bee colony.

Shopping Queen Rearing Equipment with Mann Lake

Mann Lake offers high-quality products designed to streamline the queen rearing process and honey production. Contact us at 1 (800) 880-7694 to discover how our expertly crafted equipment can elevate your beekeeping skills to new heights.