Queen-Rearing Kits

Ensure you always have new queens on hand by using Mann Lake’s convenient queen-rearing kit to keep your colony growing and thriving.

Importance of Queen Rearing for Honey Bees

As a beekeeper, queen rearing is important to keep a colony strong. Without a queen to lay eggs and create new brood, the colony won’t grow, causing the hive to eventually perish.

Rather than rely on a supplier for queens, some beekeepers rear their own through a process called grafting if they want to produce many queens each season. This allows beekeepers to have the queens they need if they’re ever in a pinch when a hive loses a queen.

Mann Lake’s Complete Queen-Rearing Kit

Grafting queens can be hard work, which is why we offer a queen-rearing kit to make the entire process easier. This kit includes the queen cages, cell cups, and holders that you’ll need to raise as many of these bees as 110 at once.

Our kits contain cup holders, roller cages, brown cell fixtures, cell grids, and the cell cups where the queens will be raised. You can also purchase these products individually to prepare for a new season, but most orders will ensure you have what you need for successful queen rearing.