Helmets & Veils

Beekeeping Veils and Helmets

Work safely and conveniently with high-quality beekeeping veils and helmets from Mann Lake. We offer a range of veils for beekeepers—from ventilated hood veils to folding veils, round, pocket, and more—to provide you excellent protection when handling your beehive.

Upgrade Your Protection with Our Selection of Beekeeping Veils

Ensure the ultimate safety and convenience with our variety of beekeeping veils designed to suit different needs and preferences. Crafted with your comfort in mind, our veils offer excellent visibility and versatile attachment options. In this collection, you'll find the following veils.

  • Nylon Square Folding Veil w/ String. The most durable square folding beekeeping veil on the market, featuring stingless bindings, no kinks, and is rust-free.
  • Round Veil. A round veil that perfectly zips to your suit and gives you a 360-degree view of your hive as you tend to your bees.
  • Alexander Veil. Requires no helmet and features an inner elastic band that holds the head so the top does not touch it.
  • Square Veil. Offers 360° protection and has a cinch cord included with a 10-mesh woven wire for good visibility.
  • Pocket Veil w/ String. Features an elastic top that will fit onto any hat with a brim, also perfect for gnats and mosquitoes.
  • Hooded Beekeeping Veil w/string. Similar to the veils in hooded suits with drawstring closure at the bottom to tie around your waist.
  • Clear Vue Hat & Veil. Features a hat and veil combination that is rust, tear, and wear-resistant.
  • Nylon Square Folding Veil w/ Elastic. Features elasticated edges for easily securing it in place.

Explore our range of beekeeping veils and helmets to find the ideal combination tailored to your needs. Experience comfort, visibility, and protection while you tend to your honey bees.

Shopping Beekeeping Veils and Helmets with Mann Lake

Mann Lake offers high-quality beekeeping veils and helemts at affordable prices. We have everything from veils to beekeeping hats, helmets, suits, and other bee sting protective gear. Place your order today to enjoy free shipping for most orders above $150. For more information or shopping assistance, contact us at 1 (800) 880-7694.