Hives & Components

Here at Mann Lake, we strive to carry everything a seasoned or new beekeeper would need to have a successful beekeeping season. Our assortment of hive components spans from hive bodies, frames, supers, and the accessories your colonies need to survive and thrive all year long.

Modular Hive Components for Optimal Beekeeping

We believe in offering variety and customization wherever possible. Choose from unassembled or assembled frames, various outer and inner cover options, queen excluders, foundations, guards, spacers, and more.

Must-Have Supplies & Hive Equipment for Beekeepers

Whether you’re looking for a screened bottom board for a new hive or exploring different options for your bees this upcoming season, our extensive selection offers a range of sizes to meet any specific requirements. All our beehive components boast superior quality, providing dependable longevity that will endure across numerous seasons.