Beginner Essentials

Beginning Beekeeping Supplies

Having the right beekeeping tools is crucial for beginners, as it ensures a smooth, enjoyable experience while promoting productivity, personal safety, and happy bees. Mann Lake is dedicated to providing a wide variety of high-quality products to support and enhance your beekeeping journey.

Essential Beekeeping Equipment & Supplies for Beginners

Discover the must-have items for every beginner beekeeper in our list below. Equip yourself for success in your new venture!

  • Beekeeping books. Learn all the basics of beekeeping, including honey harvesting techniques.
  • Beginner starter kits. Choose from premium, deluxe, and DIY unassembled kits to start your beekeeping journey.
  • Suits and jackets. Stay safe while you look after your colony and harvest honey, beeswax, and other bee products with our heavy-duty protective gear.
  • Beekeeping gloves. Keep your hands protected while handling bees with our premium cowhide and goatskin gloves.
  • Frame perches. Keep your frames secure during inspections with convenient perches that attach to your hives.
  • Pollen substitutes. Provide essential vitamins, antioxidants, and trace minerals for your honey bees.

We also carry other beekeeping supplies, including bee smokers, bucket organizers, sting relief wipes, Bee-Pro® patties, and much more. Keep track of your beehives with our 48-page Field Evaluation Journal.

Getting Started in Beekeeping

Starting a honey beehive for the first time may be stressful and confusing (and exciting!). Mann Lake is here to help you get started and assist you along the way so that you can have a successful beekeeping experience! Reach out to our customer support, request our catalog, and use our blog for helpful information. Enjoy free shipping on most orders above $150. For more inquiries, call 1 (800) 880-7694.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most important step of beekeeping is the bees! Make sure that you pre-order your bees early! If you're not sure what breed is the best fit for your apiary, read more about the common varieties of honey bees (available on each bee page). Our breed offerings are on pages 8-11 and vary by location and availability.
Choosing the location of your beehive is an important step into setting your hive up for success@ When deciding on where to put your hive, try to pick a location that has the following: Easy access, protection from the elements, plenty of sunlight, level ground, access to resources. Join a local beekeeping club for knowledge specific to your region and mentoring on the process.
Before you start a colony, you'll need:
    Hive Tool
    Smoker and smoker fuel
    Beekeeping suit, gloves, and veil
    A hive and accessories (we recommend our Traditional Growing Apiary Kit to get started)
    Feeder and liquid feed (check out our Pro Sweet and Pro Feeders!)
    Pollen substitute like Ultra Bee or Bee Pro
Once you've completed all of the these steps, you're ready for your bees! If you need help, contact us!