Syrup & Sugar (Carbohydrates)

Promote healthy, growing hives with liquid bee-feeding products and supplements from Mann Lake.

Feeding bees has never been easier or more efficient than with liquid feed from Mann Lake. Shop our selection of sugar syrup feed to promote health within your hive.

Benefits of Bee Feed for a Hive

Liquid feed for bees has many benefits in the hive. Winter feed and the Pro-Sweet liquid feed encourage healthy building of hives, can strengthen weak hives, and can supplement when pollen or nectar is low or an emergency feeding is necessary.

Liquid bee feed stimulates the brood in early spring, ensuring the hive will grow each season. Consider utilizing the Pro-Health feeding supplement, which features an essential oils concentrate composed of lemongrass and spearment. This feed additive is antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial, improving the overall bee health. Among other benefits, Pro-Health also prevents syrup fermentation.

Using Liquid Feed in Your Hive

Liquid bee feed, like Pro-Sweet, is ready for use and does not need to be mixed. It can be used as an alternative to traditional sugar water. Unlike sugar water, Pro-Sweet Liquid Feed stimulates the bees and adds weight to the hive. Simply pour liquid feed into the bee feeders and enjoy the buzzing response from your bees.

Please remove any honey supers before adding this bees’ treat to the hive, and never use this during the honey flow.