Extracting & Bottling

Extraction Bottles, Honey Containers, & Honey Jars

With the right honey and wax production supplies, you can efficiently extract honey and wax from your hive. Our honey processing equipment includes honey extraction, honey bottling, and even wax processing tools that enhance your operation.

Honey Extraction

Mann Lake carries honey extraction equipment that safely extracts honey from your hives so you can get every last drop. We offer a wide selection of extractor options, including plastic extractor combos, hand crank extractors, and horizontal extractors with tables and pumps.

Honey Processing and Wax Processing

Our reliable honey processing equipment and tools include frame escape screens, solar fume boards, honey, and syrup pumps, vane pumps, worm pumps, and all of the tubing, piping, and valves needed to extend their utility.

Honey Bottling

Once you’ve processed your honey taken from the beehives, you’ll need to can it. Mann Lake Bee and Ag Supplies offer a vast number of jar options for your use, including plastic honey containers, glass jugs, glass honey jars, and bulk honey containers.

Glass Honey Containers Selection

Our bottling selection includes everything you need to successfully bottle your honey, including honey containers, labels, material handling, and more. With the help of our honey and wax production supplies, you can safely and efficiently extract and bottle honey and process wax.

Plastic and Glass Honey Jar Selection

We offer you a choice between plastic or glass jars. The plastic honey jars offer small squeeze jars, hourglass-shaped embossed honey jars, skep bottles, inverted queenline squeeze bottles, and squeeze bottles with flip-top lids.