What is the Cost of
Long Term Care?

National cost of care statistics.

A recent study on nursing homes, assisted living facilities, as well as community and home based services, found that costs were steadily rising over previous years. The findings are summarized in the chart below.

National Averages of LTC Costs (2014)

Nursing home (private room) $87,600
Nursing home (semi-private room) $77,380/year
Assisted living facility $3,500/month
Adult day care $65/day
Home health aide (40 hours per week) $800/week
Homemaker services (40 hours per week) $760/week

Data source: Genworth 2014 Cost of Care Survey.

National versus state cost of care.

Cost of Long Term Care

Costs for long term care services vary widely from state-to-state. It is crucial to know the facts when it comes to your state’s cost of care.

Find out about what LTC costs in your state, as well as nearby states, by exploring our Cost of Care map.


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