Queen Cages

A queen cage are a helpful beekeeping tool for a number of reasons, including safe transportation and introducing your queen bee to her colony while protecting her from aggressive bystanders. Introducing queens is often a risky process, even for the most experienced queen breeders. 

Importance of a Queen Cage 

Queen cages are multipurpose; bees often “ball” the queen when they do not recognise her as being from their hive, which is when they aggressively attack the cage, trying to harm her. Not only do the cages protect queen bees from the hive, but they can also promote acceptance within the colony. As the bees stop balling the cage, the worker bees will begin eating through the cork or candy covers on the cage, eventually releasing the queen so she can begin laying eggs.

Queen Cages and Other Accessories at Mann Lake

We carry a variety of queen cages for beekeepers; from the California mini cage and three-hole queen cages to plastic catchers, you’ll find the perfect protection for queens of all breeds. 

You’ll also find extra tools and accessories, including screens for three-hole queen cages, candy caps, candy tubes with cork lids, and more. Our cages are easy to insert between the frames without upsetting the hive or damaging the honeycomb.