Feeding & Medications

Keep your bees fed, happy, and productive with supplemental food sources from Mann Lake! Feeding bees is a critical part of successful beekeeping, and Mann Lake is here to be your one-stop shop for all kinds of bee feed.

Feeding Honey Bees

Bees need proper nutrition to produce a healthy brood and complete all their tasks within the hive. Many beekeepers opt to boost their bee colonies in the springtime by offering additional proteins and pollen. You can offer pollen substitutes, protein patties, dry feed, or sugar syrup for open feeding.

Bee Feeder Options at Mann Lake

You have several options to feed bees in the bee yard. Many beekeepers opt for a hive top feeder, where the bees can eat at their own leisure. Top feeders allow high-capacity feeding for honey bees, saving you time and energy from constantly refilling. We also provide entrance feeders, universal feeders, liners, and other items, making it convenient for your hive to feed as needed.

Boost Your Honey Bee Colony

It’s important to offer syrup or pollen substitutes to stimulate growth and prosperity in your hive. Whether your colony needs supplemental feeds to expand, build stores for winter, or survive a hard period, Mann Lake is here to offer the best quality food for your hive.