Honey Bottling Equipment

Mann Lake offers all the equipment you’ll need for bottling honey in your honey house. From commercial processing equipment to the best tanks, tools, and jars, beekeepers of all skill levels will find the best products here to process their harvest.

Heating and Transferring Honey

We carry bottling tanks in various sizes to account for the different quantities produced by beekeepers and hobbyists. Control the temperature of your product as you melt wax or warm the honey to bottle it up for sale or personal use. 

Once it’s been heated in the bottling tank, efficiently transfer it to containers using a honey gate that offers zero leaks and protects the product. Get your hive’s precious hard work into bottles, ready to sell! 

Bottle Accessories

When extracting your product through the honey gate, many beekeepers prefer to filter out the propolis and beeswax. We carry different filter and cloth options for this purpose. 

Once your product is filtered and ready to go, you’ll need jars and bottles with lids to cover the product and keep it fresh. We carry a variety of jars and holders that showcase your beautiful product and will ensure they fly off the shelves in your store or farmer’s market stand or will look and taste amazing in your kitchen.